Discovery phase in software product development from A to Z

What is the Discovery phase?

What an ideal project discovery phase should look like?

  • Discovery Initialisation
  • Research
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual design
  • Planning

What will be the deliverables of the discovery phase?

  • Product Concept — The image of your final product quality, innovative features, or performance. The focus is not so much on the production and business output but the client.
  • Architecture solution — A program, project, or change that is ready for immediate implementation, a structural design that is relevant to necessary conditions.
  • Software requirements specification (SRS Document) — An accurate description of the project, final product features, recommended technology, and architecture plan. The document should be evaluated and discussed for possible improvements before approval.
  • Road Map — A graphical, extra quality sketch of the project’s goals, dependencies, and risks demonstrated on a timeline. With no abundance of unnecessary details, the road map is great for seeing stakeholders’ needs and finding ways to please them. The Road map is also a comfortable connection between teams where plans are communicated without much effort and resources are easily coordinated.
  • Visual concept — The development team hasn’t started doing the job yet, but you already have your first impression of the interface design and its primary features.
  • Time/budget estimations — The final numbers obtained during the discovery phase proved to be reliable and unlikely to change. Your emotional confidence will ensure a recommended team lineup so that your time and money are safe.

What is an agile approach in project development?

Discovery phase in agile

What is the benefit of discovery in agile?

ZenBit’s approach of providing Discovery Phase

  • Define product objectives and KPIs — Plan, profit, delivering new products on time and budget, achieving product quality levels, and customer satisfaction are our objectives. KPIs data will measure performance, monitor success, and be a guideline for further business direction.
  • Competitive Researching and market analysis — We carefully investigate the market to find clients for your business. The competitive analysis gives a lot to its uniqueness. The result is your product’s competitive advantage.
  • RoadMap — We use it for visualizing goals, steps, and milestones. A roadmap proved to be a great communication tool.
  • Software requirements specification (SRS Document) — We create a high-level document that illustrates what the program will do and how it is supposed to function. It also focuses on the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Architecture solution — We create a comprehensive architecture for a software solution and provide strategic direction throughout the development process. For doing this our professionals have a perfect technical background and analytical skills, excellent communication, project, and resource management experience.
  • Process and flow diagrams — We create a process diagram to show what the project discovery phase consists of where each activity is marked by the correct symbol and connections are made between them according to the timeline. It is a nice arrangement illustration. Flow diagram, on the other hand, shows a set of dynamic relationships in a system. It is usually a flowchart with shapes that represent different kinds of processes.
  • Wireframing — We use wireframing to design your product at the structural level. Content and functionality are represented on a page with user needs and user journeys.
  • Visual concept including Design guidelines, UI Kit — We follow design guidelines keeping the interface simple, page layout deliberate, purposefully using color and texture, hierarchy and clarity, creating consistency, and using common UI elements. We also have our UIkit that saves a lot of time when creating user interface components.
  • Interactive prototypes — We like quickly created wireframes for early testing and stakeholder evaluations. They can be either animation, rapid prototypes, storyboards, or simulations.
  • Time/budget estimations — We pay a lot of attention to define how much time is needed to fulfill each step of the project.
  • Breaks down a product’s functionality into deliverables — Everything is easier if you divide each step of your project into small tasks. So we build an understandable structure of the project that all stakeholders can appreciate.
  • Applying and configuring suitable project management methodology — We need to select the most suitable project management methodology to make the most of the available resources and time. So we chose either Waterfall, Agile, eXtreme Programming (XP) or Kanban, Lean, and others. Everything depends on the project.




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