Medical software development: challenges and opportunities


The global mobile health industry is expected to reach a market value of 156.82 billion USD by 2026 compared to 34.14 billion USD in 2020, with around 35% of annual growth, according to We have been witnessing a burst of healthcare software applications recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Every medical software development company knows the value of the contribution they provide. E-prescribing and drug management solutions, patient management apps, medical research software have become a new savior and vital help mostly via smartphones and remote monitoring.

  • 74% of medical institutions are more efficient thanks to gadgets.
  • 52% of patients would prefer to have a post-surgical visit via video call.
  • 43% of doctors access their patients’ data with smartphones.
  • 74% of clients admit they are open to an online health visit.

Challenges faced

Healthcare software development is never isolated and depends on regulatory compliance, care mobility and scalability, sufficient focus on patients, data safety, specific customization needs, etc. These aspects are never perfect so the development team has no choice but to be rarely creative and search for the best functionality implementations. Among the impressive number of elite medical software providers today it is not so easy to choose the right developers team because it is not about the experience only but much more. In ZenBit we create solutions that drive good business results in a precious partnership where everything is aligned with the company culture. Our approach is customized to fit your needs and values. “One size fits all” is not for us.

Conforming to medical rules and standards

Medical regulations are often closely connected to third-party medical devices, their causes and determinants vary a lot, and every country or region may have significantly different healthcare standards. (Figure 2)

Advantages and current situation on the market

The pandemic changed the healthcare sector’s digital innovation process — not to exaggerate — overnight, suddenly shifting everything online with the exception of Covid-19 cases. As remote care billowed out, the records show an astonishing picture of transformation and its numerous benefits. (Figure 3). When done correctly, it improves patient outcomes greatly and the whole healthcare system boasts impressive improvements. Modern digital open-minded society has never been so privileged for this global movement in the care system. In 2021 the “home” often relates to the hospital thanks to data and new technologies.

Facts and numbers say

The key standards for medical software development are context, high purpose, and honor. And data safety, no doubt, goes hand in hand with data application — it can either build or ruin any business.

Boosting your income expectations

Successful customer-centric businesses create lasting relationships mostly by constantly focusing on their clients’ needs. Stable income growth is the result of properly built processes, optimized features, and perfectly personalized services. For instance:

  • Improved personal data management excludes the chance of human error. It means safe storage and instant updates of medical tests as well as less stress to administrators or receptionists.
  • Upgraded patient experience. Healthcare apps enable communication 24/7 by sending different types of notifications. Whether it is tomorrow’s appointment, time to take pills, or discounts offers, it is all about caring and safety feeling.
  • Advanced performance analysis helps every member of the staff in their administrative works. Detailed records give valuable business discoveries on KPIs, main parameters, and fast patient response.

Worldwide download elite

From the start of COVID-19, the highest downloads growth belongs to South Korea with an impressive 135% boost compared to January 2020, the pandemic’s most dramatic month.


Mobile health solutions are making healthcare much more intimate and personal. Moreover, medical professionals get a solid ground for scientific researches. The opportunities of implementing new solutions in businesses are immense but are the possible challenges worth trying? The answer is no doubt YES. On the condition that it is done by the right professionals.



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