Vercel CI/CD

Before we have made 2parts article about deploy application to S3, which we use in most case. This time lets check vercel deploy, we found it as good tool for quick configuration

Creating a new project

First step is log in to or create a new account.

Then on the dashboard page open and click on the “New project” button

You should see a list of repositories that your github account has access to.

Next, you will be prompted to create a “Team”. You can skip this step. What is “Team” can be found here

Project configuration

In the “Build and Output Settings” tab, you can configure the command for building the project (BUILD COMMAND), the folder in which the project build will be located (OUTPUT DIRECTORY) and the command for installing packages (INSTALL COMMAND). If your project has standard configurations, then you can leave the default values, which were selected by Vercel.

In the “Environment Variables” tab, add the environment variables that are used on your project and click the “Deploy” button

Production and Preview branches

A Production Deployment will be created every time you push to the Production Branch in the repository. More information on how vercel defines the Production Branch is described here

Preview Branches will be generated every time a push occurs outside the production branch.

That’s all. Make push to configured branches and check that everything work fine.

This instruction have been inspired by @lyuda.dzyubinska and created with Alexandr support




ZenBit Tech is an outsourcing software development company spreading its services worldwide.

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Zenbit Tech

Zenbit Tech

ZenBit Tech is an outsourcing software development company spreading its services worldwide.

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